About Cali Arms

California gun owners face unique challenges and require unique products. Accordingly, we needed a unique place to engage in discussion and local firearms-related commerce.

Founded by Brandon Broussard, a Norcal native on a mission to show the government and the rest of the nation that California won't go down without a fight.

Designed to be fast, reliable, and safe to ensure the West Coast 2A always has an exclusive place to connect.

As Shown on Washington Gun Law

Huge thanks to Mr. William Kirk of Washington Gun Law for this shoutout. He is an invaluable resource to the firearms community, especially with regard to the ever-changing legislation in restricted states like California. Check out the video and give them a follow!


Currently, the marketplace and discussion area operate as a simple classifieds forum. CaliArms has partnered with Centerfire Digital for web development and Scorpion Services for marketing.

Phase 1 - Complete

  • Launch forums and marketplace

  • Test core functionality with initial users

  • Gauge interest and feedback

  • Word of mouth outreach

Phase 2 - In progress

  • Partner with Pro-2A organizations/public figures

  • Outreach through professional referrals

  • Explore software solutions

Phase 3 - Coming Soon

  • Launch updated software

  • Secure funding through advertisement deals

  • Launch merch store

  • Host community events with partnered organizations

yellow and black handle hammer and screw driver
yellow and black handle hammer and screw driver